Saturday, 21 September 2013

Some drawings in first few week of school

We have sooooooooo many talented people in first year!! I bet I'll enjoy the program even more!

<----English gentleman & girl who fell in love with him in the first sign

Hey girl... I think you scare him....
Try to cartoonize one of my classmate :D Not that successful..but as a record of checking if my skill has grown after this semaster XD


(Except the girl just shown above) all characters in blue pencil are fan art of a French comic NAJA, the top 4 killers.

From left to right (1st row) is No.0(I believe), No. 3 Naja and No.1 Mark. The guy below No.0 is No.2.

And Here! Impression image of main characters of  The Great Gatsby!!!! I just love that film's storytelling and costume and music !! 
(Hope next time can capture their facial characteristic better ;w;)

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